Check Out “Scholars Strike Back” Series At U Of Venus

Today, I have had the honor of joining the “Scholars Strike Back” series, hosted by University of Venus — a blog for women in academia and higher education (@UVenus). U Venus bloggers and invited guest bloggers (now, including me!) contribute to this series as an ongoing response to the  NYT op-ed that scholars are irrelevant outside of the ivory tower.  In my own essay, “Who Let an Activist in Here?“, I make clear that an academic career founded upon activist ideals and goals is possible and, in many ways, supported by others in academia.  Check it out!

Be sure to check out other posts in the series, including Deborah Siegel’s post “When Crossover Work Counts“; Alyssa Westring’s post, “Finding a Cure for Imposter Syndrome“; and, Joshunda Sanders’s post, “Up to Here With Trolls?”  And, see instructions in the initial post to contribute your own story!

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