Oh, The Haters…


No one warned me about the online hostility I would face in my first year on the tenure-track.  Well, here I am with interesting episode number 3:

In a comment to “Why Mark Regnerus should (probably) be fired,” by Dr. Darren Sherkat, MB wrote:

How grateful we should all be to “Dr.” Grollman for policing our language and letting us know what is and isn’t morally acceptable. “Dr.” Grollman of course, is a real moral authority in this society, or at least in his own mind. And he is Important. That is why he uses his title “Dr.” even though he is nothing more than a recent recipient of a PhD in one of the many useless and laughable branches of what is known as “cultural studies.”

In any event, “Dr” Grollman calls himself and gay people “queer” and has admitted on his blog that he closets himself in his class and does not come out to his students until after evaluations are in. Not someone whose judgment I would trust, but then again what do I know?. I am not a doctor.

I believe this was a response to my comment that raised concerns about the tone of Sherkat’s post — well, more specifically, some off-putting language he used that some construe as homophobic.  My comment, one that Sherkat could have ignored or refused to post on his blog, served to express concern that the use of language that offends the very audience he seeks to protect from scientific harm is distracting.  I rarely, if ever play “PC police” — what I would consider checking people just to say the “right” things.

I refuse to take the time to defend my credentials.  I thank Dr. Sherkat for doing that for me in response to MB.  But, MB — please see another hater’s comment from September: “Eric Grollman is a professional Black homosexual feminist.”  Uh, I am a professional!

Me - Looking Up

I decided to respond to MB with thanks.  It seems if I insist on doing what I am doing, speaking up to make the world a better place (academia included), haters will be a regular part of my life.  Oh well.

The haters will read even if you peed; You still the T — just pose, turn, flaunt.”

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