Feeling Thankful (And Thanked!)


Sometimes, it is easy to get mentally stuck on the negative.  Yesterday, I saw an email demanding I change an old blog post (or be sued, if I refused).  Wow — thank you?  When I later logged into Facebook, I saw the exciting news that Conditionally Accepted had received a shoutout on a blog, Tenured Radical, at The Chronicle: “Hands Across the Web: Thanksgiving Shout-Outs.”

In blogger Dr. Claire B. Potter’s (@TenuredRadical) words:

Eric Grollman of the University of Richmond and Sonya Satinsky of the University of Kansas, who are the editors and chief bloggers at Conditionally Accepted: A Space for Scholars on the Margins of Academia. They are young academics who think it’s important to speak out and not shut up. I really admire that. Nobody describes their blog better than they do: “By creating this site, we hope to provide a space for academics who exists at the margins of academia. We will provide news, information, personal stories, and resources for scholars who are, at best, conditionally accepted in the academy.  Conditionally Accepted is an anti-racist, pro-feminist, pro-queer, anti-transphobic, anti-fatphobic, anti-ableist, anti-ageist, anti-classist, and anti-xenophobic web community.” It’s wicked smart, and addresses a lot of the hottest topics in academia. I’m adding it to the links in 2014.

Thank you, Dr. Potter!

4 thoughts on “Feeling Thankful (And Thanked!)

  1. Tenured Radical’s post sent me here; thank you, TR! I’m telling everyone I know about your great blog. Thank you so much for doing this.


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